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All the way back to the beginning

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Hello all. Graduated C25K last year and then got up to 10k. Then got peroneal tendonitis (ie lots of leg pain) and had to stop because I couldn't even walk.

I'm going out tonight for the first time in months. Doubt I will be able to run much at all, and hate thatI have the nervous/excited feeling back again. Hope it goes ok. Feels odd to get my flashing arm band back out of hiding :)

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So sorry to learn about your leg pain Trying2run, but well done to you for restarting your runs, 🏃 Just take the run slowly or whatever it takes, perhaps you could repeat all of the C25K program, however, that is up to you to decide.

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Trying2runGraduate in reply to AlMorr

I may well do just that


It’s great news you are out again.

There is no shame in being back at the beginning again. I first graduated in 2014. Went on to run/walk my first half marathon in Oct of same year. Then school work took over due to my A-Levels. Tried again first year of uni in late 2016/early 2017 and only really got to week 5. I kind of gave up at that point due to finding it hard and knowing that was in part due to requiring open heart surgery for a congenital defect. Then nine months after surgery tried again- it was ok until all that bloody snow hit. Due to a congenital sight disorder I was just having an incredible number of accidents and injuries. So I took up swimming for a while instead.

So here we are 2019 five years on and attempt number 4. (Obviously my 2014 attempt was successful). I am currently Week 5run 1/2.

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Trying2runGraduate in reply to Midgeymoo17

Sounds like a tough ride - well done you on getting going again! I'll be joining you

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Hello! I messaged you a few months ago about this ailment as I'd been hobbling! I hope your run went well and that you can get back into it! I had a few weeks of recovery in Autumn and then started back really really slowly and short runs to start with huge warm up walks! I'm still having to take it slowly, faster runs really don't agree with me. But slowly I can really enjoy it and my distance and stamina are building up. the 10km is within reach in the next few weeks although I suspect the weather isn't going to co-operate with that masterplan! I have learned a bit of patience from the whole experience though...long term running is most important and if I have to skip a few then so be it! Anyway I just wanted to wish you well and I'll be looking for updates!

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