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fitbit/Sportswatch recommendations


Hi all,

I currently run using the Samsung health app on my phone which is a great guide, pre/post run but I'm looking to get a sports style watch to help during the run.

I'd like something that does the basics; pulse, distance, steps etc, but if possible something that gives an estimation of pace too, would be nice if its treadmill friendly too, oh and not breaking the bank either...

sounds a big ask, but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

Thank you.

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If you want a proper fitness watch I would recommend the polar m400/m430

If you want something stylish that isn’t an Apple Watch, the Fitbit blaze or Versa is a good alternative, hope you find what suits you best

Sanguineus in reply to Hosie_07

Thank you for those recommendations. giving them a look now.


Garmin 235 is my running watch of choice, although sometimes I just run with my Apple Watch S3.


I have a fitbit does the job ; pace ; miles; calories and heart rate !


I bought a second hand Garmin Forerunner 15 from eBay. It is perfect for my running. I just run 5K and don’t need expensive all singing or all dancing. It is not fashionable either, but at 44 fashion is beyond me.

It links to Garmin connect and also to Strava on my phone. It does everything I want from a sports watch.

Just checked eBay, there is a nice red one available for around £10 so won’t break the bank.


Legend, thank you.

damienairGraduate in reply to Sanguineus

Also check out Garmin Forerunner 25 and 35 models. They are more up to date and you should still get a second hand bargain.

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