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How do you know how far you have run?

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Ive completed day 1 with reluctant other half. We are using the app on my Iphone . My question is how do we lnow how far we have run ?

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I assume you would have to download Strava to your phone so it can track distance/route/pace for you. I don’t know if it can work simultaneously with the c25k app, probably can

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DorsetRunnerGraduate in reply to WobblyBlobby81

I found most tracker and even audio apps work alongside the C25K app without any issue.

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Hi - I did not actually track the distance of any of my runs until Week 9. But if you do want to track them for distance you can use a free app like Runtastic (if you can suffer the adverts) or Strava or Polar Beat. There are quite a few out there so just choose one that you like. They are pretty accurate so long as you have strong GPS signal. It's a bit tricky to track actual run distance at the start of the C25K program as there are splits between running and walking but you can track overall distance if that interests you.

I use Nike Run Club (NRC) on my iPhone. It’s free, can track your run & plenty other things. Works with C25K too👍🏻

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DorsetRunnerGraduate in reply to Oldlady57

Sounds good - might check that one out myself!!

Like you say DR, there’s quite a few apps out there. It’s finding the one that suits you best👍🏻

There is a list of some run tracking apps in the guide to the plan

While it may be of interest, it is by no means essential to know what distance you ran, in this duration based programme.

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The iPhone Health app is probably already counting your steps and will make an approximation of how far you've run.

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I use the free version of Runkeeper. It tracks distance speed etc and is really simple to use. Stays in the background unless you set Audio Stats at which point it butts in but then goes quiet again. Good luck - stick with the programme. It’s fab 😊

The free phone apps are a good start. However, after a while you may want to invest (or indulge yourself 😉) in a running/multi-sport fitness watch like those from garmin or tomtom (tomtoms can only be bought second hand now). They have an inbuilt gps and an optional heart rate monitor (I strongly recommend the hrm for getting a good insight into your developing fitness). They show you how you are doing on a run at a glance (no getting you phone out and dropping it or tripping up because your whole attention is taken by your phone!) and have apps that synchronise with the data. My “tomtom spark 3 cardio” also does cycling, swimming, gym stuff and shows phone messages etc. With some you can get straps to match your outfits 😂)

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