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How often do you run?

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Ive just began my C25k with a running club – which is fantastic as it gives me the motivation I often need to go running!

However we only meet twice a week, and I’d be keen to do more at home…how many times a week do people do the weekly programs? I'm sure twice a week isn’t reeeally enough?

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I wouldn't do more than 3 runs a week at the beginning as you need at least 1 rest day in between each session to allow your body to adjust and recover from the exercise. Certainly do some low impact training such as swimming to improve and compliment your overall fitness.

thank you, thats helpful!

I do do other things on the evenings I'm not running (les mills classes/spinning)

I think ill pop another run session in at the weekend to make it 3 sessions then :)

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Although nobody should feel pressurised to stick religiously to it, there's a bit of a clue in the way the programme is organised with 9 so-called "weeks", each having 3 runs ;-)

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amygill1990 in reply to Tomas

ahh sorry - I'm not physically using the app myself so was unaware that that was how it was structured. Our coach is taking us through it, but I had a glance online and it did look the same as the nhs app :)

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TomasGraduate in reply to amygill1990

Sorry, my tone was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, it was only meant as a friendly jokey tone, not as a rude correction.

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amygill1990 in reply to Tomas

haha no its good to know! think I may download it for my sessions not at the running club :)

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GoogleMeGraduate in reply to amygill1990

There are a number of C25K programmes (the NHS one isn't the original) with some differences. Well worth considering the podcast presentation - the most robust, it's all you need (no faffing with playlists which may be fine for driving or lounging or dancing) and the coach is absolutely someone who has been there done that and perhaps most importantly been *here* on this forum. And contributes to a shared experience.

A group is great for confidence if you feel exposed and often for helping you commit to getting out there but it sounds like a great idea to consolidate with a run by yourself and will help you invest in being able to keep running as part of your life.

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Three runs a day in the NHS C25K Tomas mentioned...maybe tie it in with yr group more than three runs though..although other exercise on yr rest,days is helpful.

The key thing is...slow and steady...your journey, at your own pace. The structure of the programme is based on a slow build up to 3 runs of 30 minutes after nine weeks..or longer, if necessary🙂 And to getting you there injury free.

This forum supports the programme and you will get loads of hepful advice and encouragement.

So...good luck and keep posting🙂

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almost week 7 of running and for me, the three runs a week is my safe limit. i do two snail pace jogs tuesday, thursday not caring about times, speed etc and do parkrun on a saturday. then double rest day. works great for me. :)

Thank you for all the advice I'll be downloading the app and doing a run by myself this weekend 😊

If you start off on the c25k then I think the culture will be to always try and do 3 runs a week. Getting in the groove is what the program does, I think and after 9 weeks you have a habit, a rather nice one. For me it's 3 a week, have rested 2 days if I'm busy at work but still manage that mantra - 3 a week......

His mus vary as I know people that run 3 days a week as others that run 5.

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