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Graduates - how often / far do you run?

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I just wondered if you had any advice on how far too run once graduated?

After I completed 5k I decided to "run for fun" the next time with no pressure from C25K training programme and instead put on my own tunes to listen to. I ran an enjoyable 3k.

The next time I went out I did 5K and I found it a lot easier. Just wondered if you recommended doing shorter runs occasionally or what? :-)

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I do a lot of cross training so I only tend to run twice a week.  If I have a relaxed week I will do 3.  I have three distances I run 5/7/10 km.  I will always do at least 1 5km sometimes I will do that fast and sometimes slow and then I will pick one of the others for a long slow run. Between Jan and May my distances will go up to 12/14/17 km every other week for one of my runs as I train for my HM in May and then back down again for the rest of the year.  When upping your distance remember to go slow as our bodies need time to adjust.  

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My regular runs are about 4.5 to 5.5km. If I am short of time, I occasionally just run a fast 3km and if I feel like it, I very occasionally run for longer.

With warm up/ down and stretching afterwards, this fits nicely into about an hour.

I think it's entirely up to you what you want to do. Any run is good and many people like to mix it up a bit to keep it interesting. I personally like the freedom of not keeping to a specific programme but some people thrive when they are working to a training plan.

The most important thing is to enjoy it!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Ullyrunner

With you on many of your comments Ully... Pure freedom and pure joy... you choose your own path... and then just run :)

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UllyrunnerGraduate in reply to Oldfloss


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runswithdogsGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

I love a fast 3k as well.  Nothing wrong with shorter runs.

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For me, it is just what I feel like. maybe a personal little challenge too, and sometimes, just what evolves on the run... so longish and shorter... about 4 to 5K usually. I run three times a a week. Tuesdays,usually a longer run, then two days break,  and then Friday and Sunday...( although last week, I gad tow longer runs( for me...) on the Friday and the Sunday!!!! 

I exercise on rest days though and cycle regularly too. Yoga, 45 mins or so every day. ( Retirement has its benefits!!!)

I enjoy going a slow pace sometimes too..just so I can really enjoy everything that is going on around me...:)

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Thank you all 😊

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It is up to you.  I always run three times a week and started with 3 X 30 minutes.  On a good day, I ran for longer until I reached 5k in 43 minutes.  Decided then to do 3 X 5k and that was more than enough for many weeks.  One day, I ran on to 5.5k, then the following week a 6k.  I carried on running 3 times a week and one day a week was my "long run"!  I have run 15k once but always now run 10k but I slowly increased distance to reach that point.  Trick is, how are your legs on the run, how well do they recover and try to run on soft ground as much as possible

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I'm into 5th week post-grad. I've tried to run 5k minimum each time, started to run on if it feels OK. Last week I did 10k Wed', 7k Fri but with time limits just did a 4.25k (30 mins) Sunday. Went out this Tuesday and did 7k.

I'm aiming to try and go out for a shorter faster run at some point but am scared of changing things at the moment!

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For a few weeks I ran 5km 3x week, then I began to gradually increase the distance of one of the weekly runs and now I run a 10km and two 5km every week. 

But I absolutely agree on the approach of keeping it fun; building up distance or speed is worthless if it transforms running into a chore.

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It depends what you want out of running, I personally lost some weight before I did this, and decided to set myself a challenge to keep me motivated and focussed, I am doing a sprint cross triathlon in August so my post grad running is geared with that in mind, I have to Do a 6 k trail run after swimming and cycling so I am maybe doing more than I would have if my goal was to do a monthly parkrun for example, or less than someone planning a 10 k or marathon. You should have a look at the quest posts to see what some of us have planned for a six week time frame. But echo everyone else that whatever you do should be fun and what you choose!

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It is a kind of personal choice thing and depends as much on your life and fitness aand whether you do other forms of exercise .

Distances and frequency varies and again depends on your goals, the main thing is to enjoy what you do and build up gradually to avoid injury 😊j

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