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Where were you Laura?


Week 8 run 3 and it is a warm and humid morning in Sydney, 10 metres into the run and my smart watch crashed, no Laura, no music, no timing, no pace cues aaargh! Fortunately I know this run well so I just set out to do the normal distance. I was surprised by how much I missed the podcast. I ran the distance but was wrecked at the end...TOO FAST I suspect. I pulled up well and spent the morning rebooting the watch and getting casts and music organised for post graduation. Boppy running music isn’t my normal style but like Pavlov’s dogs I have been conditioned/ addicted to it while running. I may have to go cold turkey sometime.

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Wow! All your comfort blankets torn away and you went and had a great run. No pace guide, no time guides, just you and the route... finishing on empty feels wonderful once you’ve recovered... very well done. Enjoy your victory lap... that podium awaits.

Wow you managed to finish your run without the lovely Laura. That's an achievement in itself. When I did C25K, when I graduated I couldn't even consider running without her, and had Week 9 podcast for quite a few post graduate runs. I then weaned myself onto real music by creating playlists of fairly upbeat music, which seem to have served me well. Good luck for your final week and look forward to seeing you celebrating on the graduation podium soon.

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Thank you, that is just about my plan. I have dug out a selection of tracks from long ago when I did not even have a beard, let alone a grey one. Laura did join me for my first week 9 run today, which went well so I am hopeful of completing this super program on schedule at the weekend. The only fly in the ointment is the possibility of dangerously high temperatures in eastern Australia, not good for us oldies! I will have to get up very early I think.

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