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After graduation

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I’m only on W7 but am still running at a speed that will not get me to 5km in under 45mins. Should, when I graduate, do the whole program again at a higher speed or will repeating the earlier weeks be counter productive? I know the aim is to run for 30mins rather than specifically 5km but would like to see if eventually I could do 5km in sub 30mins 😜

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I do not think that there is any need to repeat the whole program again to speed your pace, run at least 6/30 minute consolidation runs after you graduate, your speed should gradually improve and who knows you might achieve that magic sub 30 minute 5k you want sooner than later, good luck for your 🎓 graduation run 🏃.

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It might be fun to do that. Somewhere or other there was a calculator to input your age etc to see how fast it is reasonable to aspire to complete a 5K (obviously there will be outliers!)

I'll never do 5K in 30 minutes, between age and health conditions. My personal best is 43 minutes and that was a long while ago. Some of us do well working on upping our pace, others better at extending distance and some can work on both (or even more, big hills and wot not)

The world is your oyster after you graduate.

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Good job so far. Unless it’s very close, by far the easiest way to achieve 5k is to go to it, so extending one run a little a week would be good. 5k is unlikely to come to you... so I’d be going long. When you have 5k bagged, consolidate on it and then push your long run out even more. Here you can start to shorten another... try 20 minutes above comfortable pace, you should have the fuel in the tank to get that. Always run you long run slowly and if doing a faster one, run the third slowly too. The combination of long run and speed runs should bring that 5k time down. On a three run cycle I’d recommend doing 1 in 6 as short and faster, 1 or two long and 3 regular.

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Loads of people propose doing that, but I have never heard of anyone completing it again.

When you post your graduation, I will send you a link to a guide about post C25K running.

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