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Surprising myself

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First, I’d like to thank everyone who responded to my previous post about failing, I must admit, I was very overwhelmed... the support on here is incredible!

Secondly, Guys... I did it! With some crazy determination, I actually can proudly say, I restarted W1R1 and have now completed W1R2. I genuinely didn’t think I could do it, it is very physically and mentally challenging. However I noticed that I finished less tired and somehow had energy to do more after my programme.

I started all of this to help me get disciplined. I am so far successfully completing week 1, having eaten really well too.

My holiday is in 9 weeks so That’s my motivation.

I aim to go to the gym every other day! I hope that I can do this!

Even just spying on week 2s programme scares me... but I’m hoping to surprise myself further.

Will keep you all updated on my progress...


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Well done! It's amazing how quickly the weeks'll be feeling fit and fab on your holiday before you know it

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Fantastic well done, don’t worry about the runs seeming to get tougher, if you follow the programme you are going to surprise yourself, just remember slow and steady

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Huge well done...just keep it slow and steady... Try to relax and enjoy the runs.

There is so much to think about...but, if you just follow the plan, you will be ready for each and every single run.

Your gym work will help... any non-impact exercise on some rest days is really our core strength and stamina; especially as the runs get longer...

Just carry on and know you will do this! :)

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That is brilliant news! Well done - we are proud of you and your achievement. W1R3 (Parkrun 2) for me at 9am. I'm a bit achy after the week's exertions so will have to watch myself!

Yes this is a great forum, and no 'failing' talk allowed! Well done on your successes. You came back and showed what you are made of :)

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