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Who knew 30 seconds could be so long ? 😂


I ran my 1st run of week 2 today , wow I noticed that extra 30 seconds... I thought Jo Wiley had deserted me 🤔 but strangely that was only for the 1st 2 runs . I was honestly surprised when Jo told me it was my last run 😮

I enjoyed my run today , it’s so strange what a difference a week can make . I still resemble a glow worm 🐛 following my run but I’m less breathless.

I listened to Michael Buble, Lordy is he uplifting, another bonus is that the kids are back to school so I didn’t bemuse any of my children’s mates 😂

Roll on Friday 👍 I really hope all you other new runners are enjoying it too .

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Great job... first step up ✅. Enjoy run 2... sounds like you’re fitness is ramping up nicely.


Try to maintain that positive outlook - it will take you far! :)

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