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Got to keep going


Hi so week 1 done and so proud of my best friend and myself. I am struggling with the running. I am doing a gentle jog just can't go faster. Never could jog even in my teens. Now 50 and a bit !! really finding it hard. Admit I am a smoker yes horrid I know. Best thing is that for first time ever I actually want to stop and lead a healthier life. On to week 2.

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Well done, you can do it! I’m 53 classed as obese (working on it), gave up smoking in August. I’ve never run in my life and w1r1 I really thought I was going to die in the first 30sec of the first run. This afternoon I’m doing w8r2. Slow is really good....even the snails get away from me! If I can do this so can you. Don’t let the gremlins win and happy running 🏃‍♀️


Hi! Well done on starting, it’s always an achievement to be out there. Don’t try and speed up, steady pace is good and there’s no rush about any of it. Keep going and enjoy the little victories🌈


Don't worry about speed just go slow that's what will help you finish the runs, maybe this will encourage you to stop smoking good luck 😊

Try watching this to see what slow and steady should look like: Speed isn't helpful when you are starting out and building up stamina.

Great that you are considering giving up the cigs. Good luck with both that and your C25K journey.

Great video thank you so much

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I love that video, helped me a lot

I’m definitely running too fast!!! Thanks for the video.

Yes we’ll done us!!!! So good having a friend to keep you motivated even if we do live 35 miles apart!!! Xxx

I am so proud of us my bestest. Xx

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