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5k in 44 minutes... Is that good?

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Tomorrow I'm doing week 4 run 3. On run 2 something clicked with the 5 mins runs and I didn't want to stop!

This morning I thought I would just "freestyle" walk/run as I feel like and see how far 5k is on my route. The most I usually do is 1 mile there and 1 miles back. So 2 miles. 5 k is about 3.1 miles according to online converters!

Well well I did about 4 mins warm up walk (after warm up exercises at home) and then ran for I'd guess 3-4 mins before walking a few mins then just ran (slow jog lol) the rest of the way and most of the way back! I stopped in total for about 3 three minute walks (not including the warm up and cool down walks) but was still AMAZING!

I felt like a true runner for the first time! Although I maybe will feel it later today but I totally blame my legs. When I headed out I figured I would just run if they wanted to and stop if they wanted to but they were loving it and even though my head said a few times "I should walk now for a bit" my legs were like "no we want to do more"... Until near the end and when I stopped to walk the last few minutes home my legs felt like jelly! Lol

But I am feeling really good and not so scared of week 5 as I was before!

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Well done.............BUT............ please stick to the plan.

You are a new runner, working your way through a training plan that is progressive for a reason.

The biggest cause of injury for new runners is doing too much too soon.

You might get away with it, but why take the risk?

Injury could stop you in your tracks for days, weeks or months.

The plan gently builds your stamina and strength, which will gradually help reduce injury risk, but only if you stick to what is advisable for your level of condition.

Your time for 5k is brilliant for you. Trying to compare on a forum that has participants spanning six decades, with just about every health condition represented and many degrees of ability and disability, is pretty futile. Compare yourself to the non running you.

Take care

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I felt in a similar way and really wanted to push and enjoy myself. Injuries came unannounced and it’s often the likes of knees and ankles that go first and they both did in my case.

Stay with the program, don’t experiment as a new runner, your body will take time to adapt to all this novelty.

I didn’t and two injuries sidelined me for over 5 months combined so there was a lot of catching up and game changing to do. No reason to follow what l did. There are perfect reasons why C25K is what it is.

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I really wouldn't recommend coming off the plan. You're risking injury. Take your time, it's not a race. Let your runnimg body develop slowly. It will thank you for it! 👟👟

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