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Ran for 30 minutes, but nowhere near 5k

Firstly, happy new year, one and all!

Today I did the first run of week nine. I like to run outside in the fields around my home where possible, otherwise I use my treadmill. I'm sometimes a little disappointed to note that I don't clock up the miles, not matter how long (time-wise) I run for! I'm clearly a slow runner.

I'm happy that I am now running for 30 minute blocks (66 years old and not run since school, in remission from blood cancer, blah blah blah) but my goal is to run the Race for Life this year, instead of walking as I have for the last 7. At this rate though, the walkers will have finished well before I do!!!

Going to look into things I can do to continue stamina and distance once the C25K is complete. I guess its just a matter of continuing and building up strength.

Happy running :-)

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Distance r speed don’t matter , ur up and off the couch been active that’s all that’s matters . Well done xx


Well done on your first 30 minute run, that's awesome and only two more to graduation.

No need to worry about distance as that will come in time by gradually building up your running time. I am sure that someone will be able to explain the 10% rule better than this newbie runner!

I love the idea of doing a Race for Life run again, last time I did it was several years ago and I was one of those walkers/slow joggers. When is your next one? Ours is May so plenty of time for lots of consolidation runs.

Happy running 😊

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Hey Sue, congrats on starting week 9, exciting to be on the home straight!!

I think the program title Couch to 5k is misleading and can discourage a lot of runners...the plan is really about running for 30 mins... but I guess Couch to 30 minutes is not as catchy!!

And guess what you can run for 30 mins... so you are a WINNER!!

Speed is not the goal, you go at your pace and be happy with it, running for 30 mins is a massive achievement and you should be proud of yourself... we are proud of you!!

you have overcome a lot of obstacles to get here and there are a lot people on this forum that can take motivation from you, myself included.

You keep doing what you are doing and take pride in yourself for every single run ... ❤️

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I feel exactly the same as you, as I've done Week 9 run ! ,but swisstony1 has answered them for me too Good luck

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Hi swisstony4 has put it in a nutshell... should really be called C230 mins.... in fact as I recall in the last run doesn't Laura talk about running for 30mins "which is what you have been aiming for". I'm fat and 50... anything under 40 min and I'm doing really well.

A few weeks ago I did 15k (why???????) and it took me 2 and 1/2 hours!!!!

On park run I am regularly lapped by people with dogs, parents with kids and those pushing a pram!!!!

well done for 30 min blocks... Brilliant


Fabulous job! Nothing beats a slow, comfortable run. I regularly run 5k and occasionally have done 10k. I have bursts of speed and lots of fun. I don’t think I will ever achieve a sub 30minute 5k. Am I bothered? Naaaaa 👍🏃🏾‍♀️👍

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Congratulations on running for 30 minutes, Suedenim. Take a minute to look back on your earlier posts and reflect on how far you've come - and how quickly. You've done brilliantly! Your plan to build up stamina is a good one. Keep doing your 30 minute runs on a regular basis and I have no doubt that you'll find yourself running 5k -perhaps under 30 minutes and perhaps not - I know I'll never do it in under 30 mins but it is so rewarding to keep at it and keep hitting different milestones.

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Does it matter?

Mo Farah can run 10k in the time it takes me to run 5k, on a good day.

Who are you comparing yourself to and why?

Most people of your age can't run.....full stop.

You are improving your health and this study seems to point out that slow runners live longer womensrunning.competitor.co...

Relax and enjoy it


It doesn't matter one iota, and I'm not comparing myself to anyone. I simply said it was a little disappointing that I wasn't running far in my 30minutes, and that I expected it was just a matter of keeping going to build up.

And I AM enjoying it :-)

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I feel that same as you about the distance I run in 30 minutes. I graduated today but only managed 4.09k as measured by my fitbit.The furthest I managed was R2 at 4.31k and that was 16 days ago. I am hoping that now I have an established route I can work out where to up my pace to gradually get the distance without collapsing in a big heap before the times up. I'm sure you'll soon be running further in no time as it sound like you're doing a great job so far :)

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