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OK so just done W2R1 now I'm not sure if it's because I was expecting it to be more difficult is the reason I didn't find it as hard or just because after week 1 runs your body is adjusting. I did it and I'm really pleased with myself. All the words of encouragement resonating in my head whilst doing it certainly help. I kept saying over and over, "slow and steady". I also noticed the surroundings a lot more making not only the 90 second jog and 2 minute walk a pleasant experience. I can honestly say I enjoyed that!

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Having just done R1W1 I find that VERY reassuring. I could barely get through the 60 min run. Am determined to stick with it and hope it will get easier. Thanks for your post.

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Couchpotato2Ambassador in reply to slowjog1

Not surprised you are finding it hard if you are runnign for 60 minutes ;-)

I’m sure it will get easier, stick at it and if you need to redo runs till it’s more comfortable, then do that, there is loads of advice to that effect on the forum. Well done on starting!

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Ha ha! 60 seconds! If I did 60 mins I'd be hospitalised!

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haha yes, it' s a distant goal for me :-)

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You're enjoying your runs so far that's good , I think running outside makes it better good luck

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Great to know! I think being in the moment helps, I tried to look around a lot last time too and it did make it more enjoyable.

You should be pleased, it’s a great achievement!

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Thank you u are really helping me by being supportive. Maybe you should change your user name now you have new florescent running great! ☺ Looks great by the way. Hope it helps to keep you more comfortable and cooler!

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I’m glad to be of help! Yours and others really help me too. I tried to start running a few years back but without this plan and without this forum but this is much better.

Looking forward to trying my gear in the next couple of days; wonder if it lights up in the dark!

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Great stuff👍 Keep plugging away. Slow but sure! 🙂

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