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Happy,happy happy!!!!!


I have stepped up my training again as I'm on my summer hols. The last few weeks of term were quite stressful and I only managed to get out once or twice a week. So started out slow last week and have been building up slowly. I had a brilliant run last night. I've been running with my own play list adding and taking away songs to prefect the list. Last night was the first time I actually thought of using my stopwatch on my watch mainly because I've been more focused on distance. So, last night I had a really good run that I really enjoyed- which to me is really the most important thing. I checked my time and distances when I got home and realised that I had run for 42minutes ( yeah me!!!) and covered 6k . My 5k time was about 35 and a half minutes. Just wanted to share cause I know you guys will appreciate how much of an achievement this is for someone who only stanted the C25K in February. I'm so proud of me !!!

p.s. I am now considering doing the 10k in Oct ( can't believe I've actually said that out of in my head)

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Awesome stuff.. and "just do the 10K"... you know you want to.. Sign up now and you have a goal to aim for... go on... you can do it - you just did 6K in July... :)

Isn't it great when you just "enjoy the run" rather than just "plod it out"? Really happy for you and it should help to re-affirm that your fitness is still right up there and that you haven't suffered as a result of only one or two runs a week (which by the way is one or two times more than over half the population exercise)...

You rock - happy holidays and happy running!


Well done on your 6k. It is a great achievement of which you can rightly be proud!

6 months for 6k, so why not 10k in 10 months (as long as it is not me ha ha )

Good luck for the 10k. It sound like a great goal.

Happy running.


Well done Laurae. Go for that 10k, girl!!


Well done and the 'slow and steady' build up seems to have worked a treat :)


Well done on your 6K! :-) You'll be absolutely fine for a 10K in October, if not sooner, so go for it! Yes, we understand and appreciate just what it takes to be able to do what you did. It's not easy, and we do understand all the hard work and effort you put in to get this far. If only the muggles understood!


Well done! I agree sign up for your 10 km :) I am sure you'll be great :) onwards and upwards :)

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