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Inspired by new baby!

Sitting here, staring lovingly at my 4 week old son and felt inspired to get fit and lose weight! At my heaviest ever at 6’2” and 18st 2lbs! No real message, just wanted to try and pass on the inspiration and maybe help someone else make the start like me. Feeling positive! 😊

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First congratulations on your new baby , wait until your check up and then come back here and let us know that you've started c25k


I start tomorrow. I know it’s a bit of a cliché to start on New Year’s Day but my boy has really got me fired up for it. Thanks for the reply and the boost 👌🏻


Good for you


Congratulations on the birth of your son... and there’s no better motivation than the thought that you’ll be around a few years longer and spend even more years with him if you ask me. Enjoy your journey... he’ll be so proud watching you run and blessed to grow up around a healthy lifestyle.

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Massive message there, firstly congratulations and secondly totally understand you reason for getting fit best motivation ever 😀.


Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Be warned, this programme may change your life as much as your son has..........all for the better!

Enjoy your journey.


Huge congratulations...:)

Firstly, make sure you are good to go.... awesome Mamas need to take care of themselves... then.. check this post out...

So much great advice....:)

Then SLOW and STEADY... relax and just go gently... Your son has a super Mama... YOU !! x


Good luck! 😸


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