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Happy New Year and thank you

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I couldn't imagine at the start of this year that I would be ending it as a bone fide runner but I have. That's largely due to all you lovely people and your endless words of wisdom and encouragement. Thank you, and a wonderful happy and healthy 2014 to you all! :-)

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My sentiments exactly. Happy New Year to you xxxxx

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Happy New Year to you Jen

Well said, sums up how I feel too . A happy new year to you & yours Jen & take care

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Well done! I'm just beginning so I really hope I can be posting similar comments at the end of 2014!

lizziebeth57 profile image

Same to you Jen, and everyone else :)

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My darling JennyJenJen, what a lovely post. I too find this forum so damned helpful and long may it continue to do so. Happy and healthy NY to you too!

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Happy New year everyone. Just done my first run of 2014 yes it was tough but seeing as I was slightly worse for wear this morning its not surprising.

Like you Jen I'm amazed I've done this. What a year

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Yep. My thanks too. Well said Jen. I hadn't even heard of C25K this time last year. Happy new year.

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