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Back on track for week 9

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Hi there,

Hmm - I posted this on wrong forum - about food. It was meant to be posted here.

Yesterday I did the W9R1, after a false start on Christmas Day at the Park Run. My son is up visiting from Uni and he accompanied me. The first time I have had a companion. My jogging speed was too slow for his pace, but a little too fast for him to walk. So he power walked with me the whole 5+30+5 minutes. The best run I have had so far. We will do W9R2 together tomorrow, but after that, we both commute back to work. So my final graduation run may be 2nd or 3rd January. Just missed the year end by doing the park run at Christmas, but not disappointed. Those fears of not being able to complete W9 runs disappeared at 10 minutes when I was already in the groove. All the best for the new year to my new friends on this blog

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Oops! Nevermind. You have the right forum now! Happy running and have a great new year.

🎅 Xmas Katnap 🎅

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