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I starting from where I’ve never started again to try n find my mojo!


!After fracturing my neck of femur at the Brighton marathon in April. It took 3 months for nhs to take my pain seriously and finally get an X-ray to diagnosis the significant fracture and straight in for surgery ! Finally healed and signed off by my physio and told I can now start running! I’m excited but also very scared as I’ve never been this unfit before it’s more daunting them doing my first Ironman 2 years ago how is that possible !!

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Check out the link and off you go. Slow and steady will get you back on track.

Pleas do read the post as there is so much helpful advice there, follow the plan to the letter, and you should get back to running for 30 minutes in nine weeks, injury free and safely.


Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

C25K is a brilliantly structured and gentle way to get back into running without pushing too hard.

It works.

Enjoy your journey.

Snap...literally. I had a stress fracture of my pelvis 1 month after my first ever marathon in April 18 ( started c2 5k nov 17 as non runner). Also flare of a chronic illness with several hospital stays.

I was finally told by orthopaedic consultant I could start running end November....but start with c2 5k to make sure it doesn’t refracture.

I seem to have lost all my fitness and it really is starting again. I keep reminding myself I’ve done it once and can do it again. I hope so. I just did week 4 run 1....😳. How the chuff I ever did this before I have no idea!!

Onwards and upwards.

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