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Run today was OK but I'm still trying to find my mojo!!


Ran a 4K just before lunch today but although the weather was good, sunny and just a slight breeze I still haven't got my mojo back as it was pre injury. It will just take time I guess, the older you get the longer it takes to get back your fitness.

Nothing exciting but just managed to miss 500 odd school kids though which was a blessing I can tell you :)

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Don't suppose it's much of a consolation, but you're nearly ten years older than me, and faster, even post-injury! :D

I've only run through schools-out once - that was in the snow, where I ended up running along the verge (in the snow) because they were filling up the pavement. Yes, definitely best avoided! :)


Your mojo will be back very soon I am sure :) we have been doing this long enough to know some days it's there and others it isn't.

Looking at your pace...I would be happy with's me on a good day let alone returning from injury! Keep going you'll be back to full fitness soon

I agree with Ali, be happy with what you're doing. 4k is a really solid length to be achieving. Mojo is an odd thing, and will probably arrive out of the blue for no apparent reason!


Sending you a virtual Belgium mojo and hope it helps you out :) You have come so far...keep going, it's on it's way back!


I predict that your mojo will blossom as spring arrives :-) you always inspired me with your regular blogs when I was starting out :D


Oldgirl, I'm only just beginning to feel I'm getting back to pre-injury form. I've found it very tough but hoping/feeling that it's coming together now so don't get too downhearted.

You're doing really well. Just keep on keeping on and you'll suddenly realise you're enjoying it again and back on track, as it were!

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