C25K 'lapsed' graduates - which week to ease myself back in on?

I graduated from the C25K almost 2 years ago now. I managed to keep up the running for a good while, right up until we had a hellish winter and I could no longer run out on the roads without risking breaking my neck. I meant to order grips to help me keep it up in the bad weather, but it never happened, and I got out of the habit. To compound that I then went straight into the final year of my research degree, and became a nocturnal hermit. Thankfully I have now submitted and am back in the land of the living, but I tried to go for a run a few weeks ago and ooof - I have clearly not maintained my fitness levels. I found C25K such a good method of getting me into running so I want to go back to it to get me back up to speed again, but I don't think I need to start at week one again. I don't want to overface myself either though. Has anyone picked it up part way through? What week would you recommend?


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6 Replies

  • I'd do week 1, if that's fine skip runs 2&3 and move to week 2 and see how that feels until you find the point you think is right. If you've been out a long time doing a few easy runs is probably better for you in the long run to build up those muscles again and avoid injury. Whatever you choose to do, good luck! :)

  • I like this idea - prevents you from getting 'bored' and demotivated and each week's podcast will be pretty much 'fresh' plus you'll have continual but faster than first time progress.

    Though Week 1 is no place for cissies in my view!

  • I agree, sound idea, you will soon find your level, and good luck !

  • I had a two year break as well except mine was through injury. I went right back to week one but with the much more positive mindset of knowing that I could get back to thirty minutes a bit quicker than before but by changing the end runs not the early runs. I used Laura and the plan up to the end of week six and then ditched her and ran to my own playlists again and to whatever time/distance I felt comfortable with.

    There were times when I felt that I could have ditched some of the earlier runs and jumped forward but I didn't want to push too hard at this early stage. I wanted to make sure that I spent time getting comfortable again. After all, six weeks in the grand scheme of things wasn't really that long!

    Listen to your body and you'll figure it out, I'm sure!

  • I'd not run for over a year when I started, and I went for week 3 based on what sounded do-able. Worked for me (and was able to skip a couple of week 8 runs as well without noticing any ill effects as yet).

  • Cheers all - have done 1 week 1 run, and 1 week 2 so far, and so far have found the runs a bit too easy, so will keep popping up the weeks until I find one that seems a bit more challenging and hits my current level of ability, and then I will take it from there I guess. Will try a week 3 run for tomorrow's outing I think.

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