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Week 8 Done!

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Hi Fellow Runners

Finally completed week 8 (had to take a break between run 2 and 3 as I came down with a cold over Christmas!!) Perfect timing right.

Anyway I was concerned it might knock me back a bit for the final run of the week, but I am happy to say I managed to complete the 28 minutes. I will be starting my graduation week from Monday, lets hope it all goes well and I will be immensely proud to have completed this! :)

4 Replies
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Congratulations HucknallRunner in almost completing C25K, what a start to 2019 you will achieve when you graduate next Friday.

(run 1 Monday, run 2 Wednesday and your graduation 🎓 run on Friday) 🏃

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HucknallRunnerGraduate in reply to AlMorr

That is the plan!

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Huge well done you! Nearly there.. slow and steady as you go :)

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Excellent work ⭐️ Enjoy your victory week x

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