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Christmas Present or.... Punishment?


Well, wondering what to do now Couch has been completed again, I was about to fall into that famous old Slough of Despond, also known as Why Bother?

And then my daughter turned up on Christmas Day with a present for her 72 year old Dad.

And that is an entry into the Chester Half Marathon in May.

So, there is a target for me.... Any advice welcome.

I used to push her into sport and we have done a few 85 mile walking races together, but now the trainer is on the other foot and she is pushing me. It is quite pleasing that my daughter has some confidence that I can still possibly make it, hopefully without the popping of any clogs.

She has also entered herself and her husband, so I can see a three way competition ramping up. Should I be gracious and let them beat me?

So next steps, do I go onto the Marathon Section of this site, and is anyone else doing the Chester Half Marathon?

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Wow Duddles that’s some gift! Nothing like a bit of competition to get you motivated though! 🏃🏃🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ Have you seen ju-ju’s Magic 10 Plan? It’s a pinned post on B210K and it’ll take you to 10k in 9 weeks - there’s a new one starting in early January. It’s fabulous and lots of us C25K graduates have had success with it. Then there’s the Marathon and Race Support forum (I am not worthy) to take you the remainder of the way. 😀

Good luck to you, and most of all have fun and enjoy your running in 2019. 👍🏃🏃🏃

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Not worthy? pah! what rubbish! come on over ...

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Don’t. Tempt. Me. 😅😅😅😅


What a thoughtful pressie! I second most of what cheekychipmunks has said - Ju-ju's 10k plan and the support on the Bridge to 10K forum is fab and the Marathon and Race support forum is just as friendly and has invaluable insights to races (including a calendar of events where you can register the race you are running and see who else has registered too) and HM training. Good luck. You have a great few months running ahead of you :)


Many congratulations, yet again, fellow runner.

Do check out the guide to post C25K running then head over to the bridge to 10k forum to move you along.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Should you let them win? No, you should whip their arses.


Sounds like you are coming over to the ‘dark side’. Welcome!

Are you going to speed walk it?

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That is the back up plan - could do that in about 2 .20 or so, but whipping the arses of 42 years younger daughter and son in law may need a bit more effort than that! Unless I get a lot of training in, I can see a bit of the old Jeffing having a role......

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2.20 would make you as fast as many runners and that’s not to be sniffed at.

I think I would just be aiming for crossing the finish line ‘upright and smiling’.

Maybe you need to research where the nearest M&S cafe is to the finish line. Got to get the priorities right.

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I've been doing the maths again and 2.20 may be a bit optimistic, maybe 2.25, but in race conditions, who knows? That race awareness, front and back, of "I must close them down" or "I can hear them coming on my shoulder" gives you that little bit extra.

M&S cafe will be hit at some stage, as there will no doubt be a mass shop. We know Chester well from my daughter's University days. One pub even serves Manx bitter so that will get a hit as well! The smile is always there of course, because as most know, it is a grimace in disguise....

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