Clocking up the miles (or kilometres)

With the London Marathon on Sunday and Cardiff having just hosted  a half marathon, I stand in awe of those runners who can go that distance. I then found out that The British Heart Foundation has an ongoing event for May to do a marathon distance over the course of a month. This really appealed to me and I signed up not knowing if I could run 26.2 miles in a months. 

But between C25K that I'm doing with my daughter, smaller runs around where I live and the odd Parkrun, I was astounded to find I'd clocked up that distance in 17 days!  I'm shocked. 

Try keeping a record of how far you go, whether you run, walk or both, and you might find your doing a lot more than you thought and really motivating 😊


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  • That's amazing, well done and thanks for sharing! I will tot up how many miles I've covered doing W1-4 and think about signing up myself.

  • We don't always give ourselves enough credit for what we do sometimes.  But looking at it in black and white (or on our phone screen) makes out achievements real 😊

  • Thats so true and what a boost to know you can cover the distance...

  • I'm really fired up for it now, I want to see how short a time I can do it in but making sure I don't do myself an injury in the process. I don't care if I go at a snails pace, I just want to do it 😊

  • and before long you will find yourself training to run a marathon :)

  • My knees just buckled at the thought! The first thing that entered my head was 'I can never do that', but in January I'd not run since I was 15 and my favourite pastime was sitting on the sofa eating Jaffa Cakes! So who knows 😉

  • My husband and I run but he is double my speed. I like to plod around and decided to concentrate building my mileage. To motivate me we have a 'run off' chart in the kitchen. Every time we go out  we mark it up. I am up to 165 k this year (which I know to some isn't much but I am very proud) and it makes me want to do more. What has happened is where I can't match him in speed, I have  doubled his distance. So it is win win!!

  • I am in awe of you! I'm realising that running is very personal, and that although we are all runners, we do it our own ways,  have our own goals, have our own achievements along the way. I think that's a great idea. I might borrow it if you don't mind 😀

  • I now run to the shops and it's amazing how far that racks up the miles?  You buy less stuff when you know you have to carry it on your back 😊

  • Getting fit and saving money! Genius 😊

  • I do this too !

     Plus when me and hubby go shopping on a " big shop ", I run home .

    He gets home well before me so gets to unpack all the shopping , Win-Win for me ha ha ! :-D xxx

  • Now that is inspired! Definitely a win-win situation! 😊

  • After reading this, I looked at my stats out of curiousity. I'm training for a 10k race next month and to my surprise have run 32 miles so far this month. A whole marathon and then some. This makes me happy! :)

  • That brilliant 😊 I'm glad I sparked your interest to find out.  We don't always give ourselves enough credit for what we do.  

    My big aim was to do the Caerphilly 10k on the 19th June, but as of yet I've only just managed to complete a 5k last Saturday without walking!  Let's see how this next 8 weeks go 😳

  • Ooh I was toying with that one but opted for Women's Running 10k in Cardiff. I'm up in the hills near Newbridge and might do Caerphilly next year, was talking to someone about it the other day and she said its a great route!

    I don't run fast, I just want to get round the course, raise some cash for Refuge and finish without being too sore afterwards!

    Good luck :)

  • I thought about that one myself but it was  too soon I felt for me to try.  Best of luck with that next month.  Will keep my eyes peeled on here for how you do 😊

  • Good ideas there.. thank you !

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