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Anyone recommend a GOOD half marathon plan?

NO... don't collapse in shock, NOT for me!!

My daughter has signed up for half marathon in about 10 weeks, and since you are all, it seems, a reasonably helpful lot.. ( usually) I thought Id ask if any f you knew/ had used a GOOD half marathon training plan? personal recommendation always better than just plucking something off t'interweb..

Thanks in advance..

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I'm currently following a Garmin training plan for a HM. Since I'm only 6 weeks into a 16 week programme (the HM is in October) I can't really vouch for it yet, sorry.

Is she a strong runner?


well she is young and fit and runs ca 5 k regularly so not starting from scratch .. but not already RUNNING half marathons.. ( otherwise be no need for a plan!)


You might not get a plan as you only have 10 weeks. Most HM plans are longer than that. If you want to try you could punch the stats into myasics They ask:- boy/girl/age, the time you are running say a 10 or 5k at the moment, date of the HM, how many days per week you want to train, eg 2,3 or 4 days a week and at what intensity, eg easy, intermediate or hard

Your daughter's stats obviously. That will tell you if you have enough time in their opinion

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thats very good thanks..


I would say each week:

1x interval session

1x 5k or 10k run x2

1x Long run increasing 10% a week until doing the full HM

Totally doable and I think she will sail through. I have never followed plans as I think they are like the education system- put you in a box ( funnily enough apart from C25k but that is a method to get you running). She needs to enjoy it, and enjoy the day .. More important than speed or targets etc And very good luck to her....😎

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Thanks Ju will pass it on to her.. think she's postponed the idea of doing it till a bit later anyway.. ( sensibly)


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