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29lbs lost! Whoop!

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If a work colleague hadn't mentioned C25K I would not be here today having smashed my second 14lb weight loss goals!

True I had to adapt it to suit my needs. I enjoyed it so much but got shin splints and a dodgy knee injury after just week one! So I did it just walking as fast as I could and the lbs have been dropping off at a steady 2lb a week. Occasionally more!

As I have got fitter and more stamina I managed to add in the runs and now I can't believe how far I can go before having to fast walk until ready to run again!

I love the feeling in my muscles when I stretch after a run and in the morning I wake up looking forward to getting my walk/run in after work. My legs crave it! Lol

In the last month I have lost two inches off my hips, waist and bust. (I didn't measure before that)

After Xmas I am going to ask work for a smaller size uniform! For the first time since I started there 3 years ago!

I may not be following C25K exactly to the letter but it paved the way to getting me healthier and fitter and actually enjoying exercise for the first time ever! I now also do a 15 mins fat burn aerobics routine daily and a hour swim once a week. C25K has turned me into a fitness freak lol

I've still got a long way to go (another 56lbs or 4 stone to lose to be a healthy BMI) but for the first time in my life I can see it is possible and totally achievable!

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Fantastic 💪

You go... And way better to loose weight slowly. The most important thing is your enjoyment from the exercise, the energy and lust for life it's given you.

Enjoy the rest of your journey and I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2019 🙌

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Fabulous - you're an inspiration!!

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Excellent!!! 😁😁 It's a great program. Well done

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Wow! Congratulations on that 29 lbs... you’re a victory and there’s no doubt you’ll get those other 56 in time. Keep amazing yourself and enjoying yourself on the way to your goals... you’d best warn work you’ll be back again soon for another size down.

Thank you everyone for the replies! I've tried so many diets in my life but never thought I could lose weight so consistently with exercise that I enjoy! I do watch my calories but I still get to eat plenty of treats too!

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I've been following your posts, I think you're amazing, keep at it and you'll get there in the end 👏🏻

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