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W7R3 practice run


As I did R3 today I noticed my right calf beginning to tighten and ache after 10 minutes. After 21 minutes it was getting painful (3/10) so I decided to slow to a walk to avoid the IC (I think that is the runners acronym for the “injury couch”). It seems to be getting better already.

The great thing about this forum is I remembered the phrase - “no such thing as a failed run - think of it as a practice run” 😁

Now I need to do that other forum recommendation - stretching on recovery days!

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Good sensible decision! You’re 10 minutes stronger and fitter and most importantly you’re not on the IC.

Stretches after the runs should help... also look at hydration, a lot of muscle tightening and cramps are helped by good hydration. Maybe a foam roller too... it’s a little masochistic but it does wonders.

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