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Weeks 6&7 taken 3 weeks

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Life has got in the way a bit recently so I’m not getting three runs in per week: tonight I completed run 3 of week 7 after having completed run 2 on Sunday. Frustrating but it’s just how it is. Run 2 was awful: I had to walk for 30 seconds or so twice in the last 5 minutes which is the first time ever. Disappointing but I was getting pins & needles in my face so my breathing was really off! 😳 Tonight I have made a huge effort to slow down: in reality I was only 15secs slower per km but it felt like a snails pace!! Managed 25mins and feel good so I feel ready to progress to 28mins from Sunday 👍

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Life does that... but you’ve fitted the runs in where you could and that’s just great. It doesn’t matter if this thing takes a few days longer, you’ll complete it and that’s all that counts. Great running. Some are tough, some are relatively easy... keep the pace down and enjoy the runs, you got this.

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Doing wonderfully.. and snails rock.. totally. Relax and enjoy the runs..let the new legs take you at their happy pace..

" Our easy pace, is our happy place!

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molly1973Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

I like that mantra, OF!

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You’re doing great ! Hope life is kinder to you as you conquer week 8 x

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