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And here we go!


Spent the last 3 weeks only gone for one run.

So today I start week 3 again because week 4 was too much.

Feeling more motivated again which is good. I’m going to decide which days I will 100% run and put them in my diary so I stop saying ‘I’ll got later this week’ and then realise it’s Sunday...

Question, is it better to run slow for longer or quicker for shorter?

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Slow running is better. You want to build slow twitch muscle fibres for endurance. Running fast builds fast twitch muscle fibres for speed. Fast twitch fibres become fatigued much quicker and so above 3k distances they’re not needed, and you’re on a 5k programme. Slow running will also make your fast faster and increase your fitness levels sooner.

Good plan (sic) on the scheduling idea too. Enjoy the running.

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