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I was still aching and feeling tired from W5R1 on Sunday (3-5-3-5 mins) so decided to spend the morning psyching myself up and stretching before doing W5R2 (8-5-8). I did try to pick up the speed a bit on Sunday but today I just coasted through both runs at a steady speed and feel better for it.

It's the big W5R3 on Thursday (5-20-5) so better start psyching myself up today!

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Good running. How you ran it today is the best way to do this... it builds the right muscle fibres, endurance and aerobic capacity much better than fast running. Take in run 3 just the same, relax into it, and love that feeling that will come when you complete it.

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gsjltmGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks... good info.... will do...

Well done on R2. Sounds like you found a comfortable pace. That’s exactly what you need to do on R3. Slow it right down and you’ll be fine. Personally W5R3 was my favourite run of C25K. I really felt I ‘got it’.

Have fun and the very best of luck to you! 😀

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gsjltmGraduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks. I can see why it was your favorite, it's a big jump from W4 to 20mins running at end of W5. I'm definitely looking forward to the feeling I'll get when I complete R3.

Hi gsjltm, well done!!!! Definitely you know how to psych yourself for great results! Enjoy W5R3, it is an awesome run! 🤩

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gsjltmGraduate in reply to Whatnog

Thanks. The mental side seems to take the most effort for me. Getting stronger though.

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W5R3 for me Thursday. I didn't think I would survive WK5R2. I was actually impressed how much farther I'm running. I had to alter my route to make it longer for the app.

Congratulations to you. And we can do this!! :)

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BaddieThePirateGraduate in reply to ShadowDee

Yes you can!

You'll do it without a problem, surprise yourself and feel great 😀

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