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Really enjoying the program


Really like the set up of the program and beginning to get the hang of it in terms of pace.

In fact last night I did the program twice. After the 5 minute cool down I felt great and felt like I could do a lot more. So I restarted it. I marked down the completion of the run. Then restarted it and skipped the warm up. It was tiring near the final few minutes st the end of the 2nd set but I stuck with it and feel great after it. Can really feel the growth in my shin and calf muscles.

I feel ready for next week which I’m surprised with. When I first started and struggled I thought it was gonna be an uphill battle but I’m looking forward to it, really working up a sweat on these runs.

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Enjoying the programme is great.

Doing consecutive workouts is totally inadvisable.

You might get away with it, especially in the early weeks but the rest day from running between workouts is there for a reason. If you are new to running, even if you have good basic fitness, then it is only sensible to follow the plan. I have an archive of very sad posts from runners who found it all too easy and did it their own way, only to have to stop running because of injury.

What is your hurry?

I believe that if you have excess energy, you will become a better runner quicker by doing non impact cross training thanrushing through the plan.

Have you read the guide to the plan?

Take care.

It’s due to the early weeks I am doing this. I am used to doing an hour cardio session so I’m just pushing it to do that. I am gonna stick to the program, when I up the running times I plan on only doing that run. I’ll only ever do double if I feel 100% fine. Which tbh is a one off while I’m on holiday.

TBH I only did the 2nd run as I literally was enjoying it and it was about to end. I didn’t want to stop and I felt like I’d done a warm up. I would have quiet happily just done a single run or myb 2. I took one run at a time without the intention of doing it all but I felt like I could do it.

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Taylor0714

Most people feel 100% fine until the overuse injury strikes.

As I said before, take care.

Even without the program I was running about 2/3 miles a session so now I’ve started it I didn’t wanna be losing out on distance. The app will really help me I’ll say week 3 onwards. I know and have seen a lot of people have skipped up to that point but I don’t want to cut it like that. I want to steadily increase the intervals at a comfortable pace.

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Taylor0714

Take some different cardio to make up the 60 if you have to, let your running muscles develop.

And yh in the later weeks no way will I be doing this 😂😂 it’s only in the beginning


Brilliant well done Taylor. Hope u don't mind a little word of warning/advice - don't do more than the plan says and take your rest days. It's designed to be a steady, cumulative build up of workload to a avoid fatigue and injury for new runners. I reached w9 without a problem then pushed it too far - result was 2 weeks on the IC. Hope you have a great injury free C25k journey!

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