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W8 R2....struggled!


So I've been progressing well so far, tonight's run had me struggling massively, ten minutes in I thought I can't do this, so done the whole phsycological thoughts overide....but by the half time bell just knew I had to stop, so done around a 3min recovery walk then cracked on, went kind of ok from there but had to stop with 4 minutes still to go. Not disappointed as I know I'll get runs like that, but during the hard bits I had the whole why did I ever think I could do this question plaguing me! I'm gonna try n repeat the run before moving on

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Bless you xxxx when I feel like that I find a favourite tune and crank it up, then another then another and before I know it I’m another 8-9 mins down! Your not alone, I’m not a natural runner either and struggle at times during the runs. Try running at a slightly slower pace. Good luck xxx


Admiring your perseverance, JoJo ⭐️ Keep going with it. Better days will come 😀


We all get runs like that, sometimes for no obvious reason, but you gave it your best shot. You know you've already done 28 minutes once, and you will again. The next run will be better, honest!


The run you did do will make you stronger for next time. If you can identify anything that contributed to the run being so much tougher, cool, if not just chalk it up as a sucky run and the next one will be smoother. You know you can do it, relax and go nice and gently into it.


Thanks for the supportive words everyone, next run due today, current frame of mind is can't be bothered! I need my mojo back! I turned 40 this week so I've had more alcohol than usual (and cake!) and also had a bit of a sressy time at work so I'm thinking those two factors combined are having a massive affect on me.....I'll see how I go today 😁 x

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