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W8 R2 Disappointed.


Okay, so I was determined to run a little bit further, or for a little bit longer than run 1 of this week, which meant I set off too fast.

I still completed the 28 minute run, 3.5 k in that time, but I was hoping for a little more. Which makes me feel stupid because I've still run for 28 minutes which is loads more than I had been doing previously! Run 2 is always a bit of a nasty one though. Sigh. Lets look up for Thursday.

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Don't beat yourself up, I tend to be the other way and set off slowly. It takes a while to find your own pace, so congratulate yourself on running for that length of time.

Hannah337Graduate in reply to Keep-it-ticking

Yeah I know. Usually I run when I'm not really in the mood, and it goes better than I expect, whereas today I was really up for it and it went okay. But yeah, I still ran for 28 minutes and that's good!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Hannah337

Blinking awesome:)


Slow and steady will get you to amazing places... eventually. Let it just evolve:)

Relax into the lovely longer runs and let the newly forming legs take you...let them find their happy pace and leave distance until later:)

Well done you!

Hannah337Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you old floss!

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