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“The good the bad and the ugly!”


I want to just say that the journey so far to week 3 run 2 has contained all of the above. In reverse order... I have had some ugly runs, just not comfortable out there or thinking ahead mentally on the run so there seemed to be no “flow”. But did it. Then there’s the bad...negative thoughts prior to getting off the couch...what’s the point, too fat, too old, who am I kidding type of thoughts. But did it. And then there’s the good, unbelievably I have had glimpses of “that” feeling, that I can feel good whilst jogging along! My body has surprised me and I am so pleased with my effort. And I did it! I know I still have a long way to go but I don’t mind. My reason for posting is to acknowledge the inspiring/encouraging comments I have read here, and to help me stay committed by making my thoughts public! Keep at it!!

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...in posting that you’ve inspired someone else, maybe logging in for the first time wondering if they’re too fat, too old, not good enough. Great post.

You’re doing really well and it’s great that you’re enjoying yourself out there too. Enjoy that next one.

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