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W5R1 - can it be true?


Here I am, back from the first run of week 5, and wondering if this is really me? I had a good excuse for not going out this evening - I fell off a stool yesterday (I was standing on it to lift a suitcase over my head onto the top shelf of the wardrobe) and banged my head, wrist and hip and was feeling very bruised and sore. My running buddy (next-door neighbour) said, 'Maybe you shouldn't go?' but I decided I had to try, at least - and if I didn't run this evening, I'd put out my schedule of Tuesday, Thursday plus a day at the weekend. So I headed out as planned, thinking that if I couldn't manage it, I could blame it on yesterday's fall ... but I did it! All 3 five-minute runs! Now, I can't claim they were fast, but they were proper, both feet off the ground at the same time, jogging steps, and I'm so pleased! I haven't looked ahead to see what run 2 involves, but I am determined to give it my best shot - roll on Tuesday!

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Ouch poor you falling off the stool!

But very well done for getting out there, and doing the first run of week 5👍

Enjoy this week, definitely one of my favourites!

And remember it's not a race, slow and steady 🐌 is the key.

Have a good week 🙌

AmeryntheGraduate in reply to Nita49

Thank you! I'm happy with slow and steady!

Determination is the key and you’ve got it, well done Amerynthe, hope your bruises have healed.

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