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Achilles revelation


So still limping nearly 3 weeks later and just walking / limping as part of life/ work rather than exercise. Brain wave??? Doing the exercises physio gave me and the up on tiptoe on good leg, transfer weight to bad and down slowly took me aback a bit this morning: I realise if I place my hands flat to the wall I.e. not using table to bear part of my weight I can easily lift myself to a tiptoe on good leg. This is simply impossible on my bad leg- I cannot begin to move it. So, although physio wasn’t this explicit, I’m thinking I really shouldn’t think about starting to run until I can lift myself to a tiptoe on bad leg with no aid other than wall for balance because when I can, that will prove my Achilles can bear all my weight which is what il be asking it to do when I run. All you experts out there, is that over the top or sensible do you think? I reckon will take weeks and weeks but would give anything to go just for a brisk walk right now and simply can’t do really, really want to get this right!

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Ouch, that is a nasty injury you've got.

I've no advice really, apart from listen to your body and your physio.

I hope it heals soon for you 🤞🤞

purplewalkerGraduate in reply to Tartancat

Thanks! X


Hi this is the same exercise I was doing. I went up on tiptoe on both feet then take good leg away then come down on bad leg only using the wall to keep balance. I never went up onto tiptoe on bad leg. They definitely work but take time. I know it’s frustrating. Take care

purplewalkerGraduate in reply to Letty111

Yes I’m sure it will. Just wondered if that was a good gauge as to when it’s run ready. Will NOT be attempting for some while!

Letty111Graduate in reply to purplewalker

I did mine about 7 years ago and didn’t run for 3 years for different reasons. Then I did C25K and was running 7k three times a week no pain. I stopped again and started earlier this year was doing ok till I did too much one day and that was it again so I rested for about 4 months and now I’ve just done W5R1 so I’m getting there.

purplewalkerGraduate in reply to Letty111

Thanks- that’s good to know. Happy running.

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