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So I’m starting CT5K tomorrow morning and I’m actually super excited, had some gym gear in my wardrobe I’ve been wanting to get out for ages but been far to scared

My main question is do you all tend to eat before/after. I’m really not a breakfast person but is it better to force myself to eat before I head out?

Thanks so much and any tips would be amazing xxxx

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It’s best to run on an empty stomach. So if you’re going to be a morning runner that’s pretty easy. Eat after though, get a little protein down in the half hour after and it’ll really help muscle development... literally only needs to be 8g of protein content.

If you’re going to ever run later... leave 2 hours after a light meal, 4 after a big one and if you ever see a Sunday lunch like my nanna used to serve, give it a week! You can eat something like a banana 60-45 minutes before, but at 5k and below it isn’t needed unless you’re getting hungry on the runs.

Read your profile note... I dunno who said you can’t do a 5k... I’m guessing they’re not a runner... they’re wrong, you will.

Enjoy your journey.


Make sure you’re hydrated.... plenty of water the day before and after each run, I tend to run on an empty stomach where possible

Hey there Emily,

Starting myself tomorrow too, best of luck & let's do this! :D

(Side note; replied to your message :) )


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey.

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