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Hey everyone, I’m Kathryn. I’ve downloaded C25k this morning and today will be my first day. I completed this program 2 years ago after not being able to even jog for 3 minuets and managed to complete several charity runs after finishing it but then I hurt my leg and broke up with my boyfriend and blah blah .... you all know the rest! Anyway I’m back and I’m going to complete it again, I’ve currently lost 6.5lb following slimming world with another 17lb to get to my target so hope this will help me! I am British but I life in Grand Cayman so do find it hard to follow this with the daily heat but I have done it before so no excuses! Just wanted to introduce myself and I’ll keep you all posted with my progress! 💪

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Good luck - your story sounds like mine! I'm back on it now too, and started week 2 today. I know that because I've done it before, it does work and we can do it again! All the very best to you :)


That’s good to hear I’m not alone with the “ blaming my break up and giving up” I thought it was just me but it’s good that we both decided we can get back to it! Good luck also.. keep me posted!


What a fantastic place to be able to run. Wishing you all the best and hoping you share some running pics of your great island :)


Hi...I did a big chunk of this programme over Xmas n Australia so had to get up really early to miss the heat. I'm not exactly a morning person but found being up and about first thing was really exhilarating.

Are you near a beach? Running by the sea is the best, and the air is much better.


Just jealous......

Welcome back though :)



This guide may be helpful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Have a good time.


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