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Runnning I’m the morning vs the evening


I’m struggling to fit in the sessions lately, I have run every session in the morning up until this week but had to try evening runs this week. I couldn’t manage week 5 and went back to week 3 (still found this almost impossible) anyone else struggled to change the time of a run? Additionally, my daughter (15) ran with me at ease and I couldn’t keep up, it’s knocked my confidence as I’ve gradually increased week by week and thought I was doing well, we have run twice and I have lost motivation again 😕

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You’re used to a time and that involves everything you do before the run... changing anything that you’re used to affects the run a little. I run better in the evenings as that’s what I’m used to, morning runs are usually tougher for me in the first few minutes.

Most morning runners are up and out, then breakfast, so to switch to evenings means watching what you eat and when in the afternoon.

It may feel like you’ve gone backwards, but it’s very unlikely. Not too bad an idea to drop down a little to get used to the new routine.

Iwilldothis01Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

That makes a lot of sense - I prefer morning running but wanted to give my daughter a chance to get involved - even though she’s thrashed me 😂 (morning not an option for her).. also I am entered in a 5k New Year’s Eve which will start late afternoon / early evening! I just need that gentle nudge..

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Iwilldothis01

The advice out there is usually a light meal at least 2 hours before the run, and more if it’s something heavy or a bigger plateful. I tend to go light lunch and the run 4/5 hours later.



Ar try not to worry. As unfitnomore says u r changing what u r used too. I prefer mornings too tend to have less energy after work. But I think it's good to mess things up a little. Good luck


You can do it, you did 4 weeks so your up and running. It's brilliant that your running with your daughter but she needs to be running at your pace or slower even if she feels like she's walking. You MUST keep a pace that you are comfortable with and then a bit slower than that! Think of slow jogging not running. This plan is about time on your feet not pace or speed. Pace and speed come (albeit slowly,) after you graduate and have more stamina. You will do this!!

Failing to keep up with a 15 year old should not be a disappointment. It's possible that it led you to increase your pace a little bit.

Just as slowing down, even slightly, can make the run much easier, the converse is also true. A slight increase in pace and suddenly it all gets a bit hard.

If you can't manage week 5 then stay on that week until you can. After week 9 you'll probably find it's the hare that can't keep up, not the tortoise.

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