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W8R3 victory


I just wanted to share my success today. Until now I’ve been doing most of my runs on a running track due to having the kids with me but I’ve got quite bored of just running round and round so today I managed to get some me time and pounded the pavements with a more interesting route and no lie I smashed it! I have been managing around 3.8km on the track in my 28 mins and today in 29 mins I ran 5k!!! I actually ran 5k for the first time in my life. I’m over the moon!!!!!

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Wow... that’s impressively fast! Great job there... most people go faster in track too! Congratulations on the first of many 5k runs.

HomeEdMum42Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

I think I just get bored on the track and tire more easily. This run didn’t feel any faster although it must have been. I still can’t believe it!


Wow that's absolutely amazing and an incredible time for a first 5k. Enjoy your graduation week!!

HomeEdMum42Graduate in reply to steviej99

Thanks so much I’m still in shock. I’m being brave and joining a running club on Monday!!!


Wow! Well done you.

HomeEdMum42Graduate in reply to Liz5K

Thank you liz x


Wowsers !!! Well done!

Definitely variety in your scenery helps distract from running/tiredness! Well done!!!!!

proper brilliant:)

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