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I saw the next goal today

While I was building up to my first 20 min. I changed my route a little as I found I had bad memories. The new route finishes up in my local park. Usually I am a Sunday running girl but I went out today so I could run Monday to fit in with next week.. It was then that I saw them.

This band of colourful bright wide awake running machines. They were the park run. I had just finished my run and had my usual red face. (Wk6 run1) I stopped and watched as these athletic people glided past with ease. Wow. I realised that was my next step. There were some people at the back who looked like they could be running the same sort of speed as me. But the thing that struck me the most they all looked calm and happy as they set off. Inspirational.

So when I finish c25k that is what I'm going for next. To be in that group on Saturday morning.

Do you think now there will always be one more goal to work for?

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Why wait? Parkrun is ace, it's friendly and it's not competitive (accept maybe those at the front, but I never see those...)

Seriously, get barcode and give it a go)


Did my first one today and it is a joy. Do it!!


W6r3 is for 25 minutes so why not use that one with the warm down to experience your first park run. They are brilliant. No one is too slow, the encouragement is superb!


Ohh I think I will wait. I am only finding my running feet at the moment. I am sure it won't be too long. I like having a focus to work towards.. Thanks for the encouragement though. I will get there.


don't wait!! I did my first park run on week 1 run 1, and have done 5 park runs now. I am now about to start Week 9. There are ALL abilities there, so don't feel intimidated. Your podcast will finish before the end of the 5k park run, but what I do, is do my cool down walk until I have my breath back and then just do intervals of running and walking as I feel I can manage until the end of the run. It is really great fun, plus its a good way of logging your progress. xx


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