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Week 8, run 1 but 5K seems out of reach

Until now I haven't really thought about how far I'm running - I'm just enjoying running at all, let alone for 28 minutes at a time. But looking at google maps yesterday I was disappointed to realise that when I graduate in a couple of week's time I'll probably only be running about 3K.

I'm thrilled to have got this far, amazed that I am running at all (and keeping up the outdoor swim after each one) but feel a bit of a fraud for not going faster. It wasn't really a surprise - I knew I was slow because all the discussion about the importance of wicking fabric passed me by completely. What sweat? I'm a soft southerner and when I leave the house the difference between my sunny south-facing kitchen and my shady north-facing front door is about 5C, so I'm far more concerned about being warm when I leave the house than getting too hot later. I've been running on cold days in a cosy fleece bought when sailing around the coast of Scotland, and only feeling a bit too hot (and I want to feel hot at the end of the run to encourage me to get into the chilly waters of the Ladies' pond.)

I did have a lovely run yesterday, sticking with Bruce and the recession (see my blog Week 7 Done and Dusted - Ditching Laura) for 28 minutes, followed by a quick dip (8C and falling rapidly) and then a brisk uphill walk, happily kicking through the autumn leaves like a 7-year-old. We all run for different reasons and I think I've found mine, even if I never make it to 5k.

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Lovely blog, londongirl! Don't worry too much about the speed of your running. I found that once I'd got to the end of the programme and could run for 30 mins I started to think about how far I was running. I'm using the 5k+ podcasts to build up my speed and can now do 5k in 34 mins but that has taken quite a few weeks. I see it as getting to one point then setting the next goal and working to achieve it. You will get there, I'm sure, after all you've got the determination to keep up your open air swim into November! Best wishes for your next outing.


Thanks oona, I'll take your advice and download the pocasts. Congratulations on graduating and improving your speed.


I'm doing 3.5k in 30 minutes, 4k in 35. I've already downloaded the 5K+ podcasts to get me up to speed (literally). I think it's an amazing achievement to get through the programme at all, so I think you should be congratulating yourself rather than worrying about the distance covered.

Mind you I am seriously worried about the sanity of anyone who would go for a dip afterwards in a cold outdoor pond even in summer. Me, I go for the long hot bubble bath. But then I'm soft.


Huge congratulations on finishing and thank you for your words of encouragement. Enjoy the bubbles.


I agree with previous comments - dont worry about speed until after you graduate. You can work on that later if you want to. You're doing 3k on the Heath which is hilly - I went for a run there during the week and I was sooo slow going up the hills. My guess is you'd run at least an extra half a km on a flat route in the same time. You will be so prepared for the parkrun by the time you finish!


Thanks, Jennie. We probably passed each other on the heath. ( I always try to plan a route that takes me gently downhill,)


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