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Unremarkable Run


So technically I have done all 3 runs of W8 now (one of them accidently last week), but Duck is trailing by two because he kept forgetting to hydrate. So what do I do? The allure of week 9 is strong, I could quietly just do it and quietly graduate but celebrate when he finishes. Or I could just keep doing week 8 until he catches up. To be fair I think he has come to the real realization that being hydrated makes a big difference. Also anyone struggling with breathing in the cold - Duck can attest that buffs really work, so he had a good first run in W8 today. :)

I had no pain, I felt pretty good all the way through, it was just a constant run. I don't even think I was thinking about anything in particular. perhaps unremarkable is good?

Positives today:

Duck had a good run

I did not slip on black ice

I'm pretty damn sure I can run for 30 mins

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Just do what feels right. 👍

jiggles7Graduate in reply to Katnap

i'll probably be a better person if i repeat so we graduate together...I gather it is emotional :D

KatnapGraduate in reply to jiggles7

I repeated weeks early on to be in line with the group I run with.

You will be a stranger runner from repeating so will be a win-win 😸


Little miss UNM went to W9R2 then just ticked over waiting for me... so she did 28 minute runs for nearly two weeks.

jiggles7Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

:) she's a goodun! still beating the boys in school running?

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to jiggles7

They’ve not had a run since... but she’s improving at all sports apparently. Hopefully they will have a C25K programme soon.


Well done Jiggles, tough one that, but I think repeating would only make week 9 easier for you and I bet graduating together would feel amazing! I'm hoping to get my gf out running next week, but unfortunately she can only do the monday, so will still be all emotional by myself on grad day next Friday should I do it 😂

jiggles7Graduate in reply to sHAYM4N

Thanks Shaym4n! yep i'm thinking that too...i have forever to do 30 min runs. Well that will be a lovely run on Monday for you! Of course you will do it! you'll smash it!! and then you can tell us all about how you wept with joy while hurdling over all the obstacles that ever stood in your way :D i'm exited for you!!

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