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W8 completed. When the going gets tough, so do you!

This is a great programme and very well thought out. In a couple of days I will be running for 30 minutes without a break, that’s 30 TIMES the 1 minute that I struggled with just a few weeks ago! I’ve never done that in all my 64 years. I learned to trust the programme several weeks ago and believed that I would be able to cope with the weekly increments and I have. Every week includes a personal best for me and the sense of achievement I get gives me a real lift. There’s not a lot left in the tank when I finish but I do finish and that’s what it’s all about. Week 9? Bring it on!

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It is yours for the taking........


Woop! You are smashing it 🤩🤩🤩


What a great post. You are so right. Trust the programme and it will give you such a boost . Well done 👏👏


Next run will be another PB - 30 minutes non-iron 😸


Congratulations!!! You are only one small step form graduation :)

You are amazing! You got it all right!


Well said!!


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