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Week 4? Bring it on!!

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Just finished my final week 3 run. I decided to repeat the whole week after an 8 day gap due to illness between run 2 and run 3 followed by a particularly bad run which really knocked my confidence. I was on the verge of giving up completely but after some good advice and amazing support from the lovely folk on here decided to try one more run, which went really well.

Now having completed 3 extra week 3 runs I really feel genuinely ready for week 4. It perhaps wasn't entirely neccessary to repeat the whole of week 3 again but I'm glad I did because it's given me a confidence boost that I was desperately in need of and I think I'm going into week 4 with a positive attitude which would definitely have been lacking otherwise.

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Well done 💪👍🏃‍♀️ Yeah, never quit. You can do this. Believe! Takemrhings slowly and you nail these sessions 🙂

Hi Racheles78

Great to read your post. I had very similar feelings about going from week3 to 4 and repeated week 3 as I just did not feel confident. After reading some posts on here yesterday I decided ‘what the hell’ and just went for w4 run 1 this morning. And what do you know, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I’d built it up in my head. It was harder but I did it. And felt really good about managing it. Definitely worth ignoring the nagging doubts in your mind and just going for it. Just take it slow and steady and you’ll get there. Good luck!!

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