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Has your diet changed on c25k?


Just wondering whether or not c25k-ers are changing their eating habits on the plan. I’m eating a bit more, I think, but haven’t gained weight. I’m not that hungry after a run, but if it’s a morning run I’m really hungry later, and if it’s an evening run I wake up hungry. Eating something after a run doesn’t seem to change that.

I guess I’m just mindful that my body is actually working for a change, and assume I should be thinking a bit more about what I eat and when.

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I haven’t really gone out of my way to eat “better” but I do not find myself eating as much junk food at the same time. I think exercise perks you up so much, you just naturally feel good without having to resort to “comfort food” quite as much :)

My actual weight is about 15 lbs less than before I graduated, but it can go up or down by 5 lbs over a day or two so I’m more thrilled by smaller waistband in jeans than fluctuations on the scale :)


I eat maybe a little more... my size has been consistent, I don’t weigh myself ever.

LapsedyogiGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

I started thinking about it after your hummus recipe. It looked very healthy.

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to Lapsedyogi

It was... well, it should have been! It was six portions and I was careful to eat one... but it was yummy so I had a little more, and then later when I checked somebody had eaten it all 😉


I have naturally cut down on drinking in the last few years.....not on purpose, but just not found I wanted it as much. I would say I levelled out to one bottle of wine at a weekend, but that would last me from Friday night through to Sunday night. Since starting C25K I have found that I have chosen not to get a bottle of wine on a Friday night as I will likely get up and go for a run on a Saturday or Sunday morning and don't want to be put off by not feeling my best.


I haven't deliberately changed my diet but it has changed in subtle ways anyway because my appetite has changed - not bigger or smaller, not that I've noticed anyway, but when I'm hungry it more often tends to be something healthy I fancy rather than junk. So I'm still eating what I want but what I want is better for me now :) The one thing I do pay more attention to now is drinking enough non-alcoholic drinks - I'm much more careful about being properly hydrated now.


You really don't need to eat more to do C25K, unless you are on a very minimal diet.

This is covered in the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

LapsedyogiGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Useful link! Thanks


I changed my diet a couple of days after I started C25K. Well not changed exactly, I still ate the same stuff, just less of it. The only exception was beer, which remained the same - there have to be some limits 🍺

Lost a lot of weight - BMI at start (May 2018) 30.9. BMI now 24.8. I did put in a lot of miles hiking as well as running this summer, but it’s been a big success for weight-loss. I think doing the 10k Magic plan helped once I'd finished C25K.

LapsedyogiGraduate in reply to telford_mike

Well done! Good to hear. This journey started for me after a very wheezy walk up a hill. I didn’t realise how unfit I’d become - so looking forward to lots of hill walking next year 🏔

uncle_wiggyGraduate in reply to telford_mike

Mike that's a serious BMI reduction, there's hope for me yet! Well done sir 👍

I bought one of those plugs with a timer on and plugged it into my slow cooker. So I can have hot meals straight from work. It stops me eating as much takeaway. I realised after c25k it was consistency with diet rather than what I ate.


Google will show you we often feel hungry when we are actually thirsty and this can be an issue on Couch.

My diet changed a lot when I started running - a lot less alcohol, seeing food as fuel for my runs, aware of bits wobbling that probably looked better if they didn’t.

I started tracking everything through MyFitnessPal and I’ve lost a lot of weight. I used the NHS BMI calculator to work out what I should allow myself each day and I’ve revisited and greadually brought that down every few weeks or so.

Also longer runs (for me: working up to 10k) really helped shift the weight. Running continuously for over an hour shifts a lot of calories!


I'm 58, 175lbs and struggling against hormones, stress, post menopause etc - I have not lost any weight and whilst I'm slightly disappointed, I do understand that C25K isn't necessarily a weight loss programme. I try to watch my diet, have cut back on junk food (mainly salty snacks and chocolate!) and am try to eat more healthily but scales not budging. Any other females out there of a similar age and weight who have been successful in losing a few pounds now that they are running care to share what they eat? I'd like to drop about 30lbs eventual, which, incidentally, is the weight of my cocker spaniel - can't believe I am running carrying a bloomin' dog! :o)

LapsedyogiGraduate in reply to Boofle999

I’m taking the advice about drinking more and hope that helps. I thought maybe I wasn’t drinking enough and it seems sensible and consistent advice. I’ll also try not to lie to MyFitnessPal anymore 😂

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