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I love running now


Is it unhealthy to run out all your problems? Its almost like a high! I’ve run w2r3 and wk3r1 today and I really want to do wk3r2 later, to be honest i ignored the walk part and just ran. . Well jogged lol for 20mins I’ve got so much going on personally, normally i’ll reach for a glass of wine or cigarets to escape but now its running is it still positive tho if i run to escape from my issues? either way I’m happy running

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Endorphins ✔️✔️🏃🏃😁😁


Hi Bluejasmin. Running is excellent for your mental well-being. 😃However, you need to follow the program accurately - it’s there for a reason, to enable you to build up safely and keep risk of injury down. Do not ever miss walking sections and rest days. You can do other forms of exercise such as walking, cycling, swimming, Pilates etc on your rest days. 😄

Bluejasmin in reply to Elfe5

Not want i wanted to hear i guess but ok i think i’ll join a gym. i’d hate to cause myself an injury and not be able to run at all

Elfe5Graduate in reply to Bluejasmin

Exactly right! 😃

ArthurJGGraduate in reply to Bluejasmin

But wanting to run more is better than dreading the longer runs! Be patient, you’ll be running continuously a couple of weeks from now so it’s not long. Unless you injure yourself by overtraining, not warming up or not taking rest days - HOWEVER: walking (especially fast walking) is also excellent for mental health, and it’s classed as low impact exercise so you can do it on your rest days.

I think the advice is to follow the programme and take rest days so you don’t get injured

You could do something else like walking, swimming or cycling instead

Enthusiasm is great but caution is warranted!

Ok thanks for replying guess I’m going to have a join a gym!

There is loads of exercise you can do outdoors for free👍


Not unhealthy at all, it’s much healthier than an medicines!

You do need to be careful though and build slowly... overuse injuries can strike if we go much above what we are used to, so try to stick to the plan... you’ll be running 30 minutes soon if you do, which is better than being injured wishing you were running.


Please read this guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... which explains why you need a rest day and plenty of other tips.

Enjoy your journey.


I don't think it is sensible to continue that way, high risk of injury.

If you are still feeling the need to get out there, do something else.

Better that than spending weeks on the couch again due to injury.

Glad you are enjoying the running.


Saw this and thought of you.... but please follow everyone’s advice and keep to the programme no matter how tempting it is to push on quicker. It works for a reason and you need rest days. You will be at W9 before you know it and the best chance of getting there all healthy and in one piece is to follow the programme. And yes it works wonders for clearing the mind..... it’s a little bit of running magic


For some reason I can’t upload the photo for you... will keep trying .....

Bluejasmin in reply to Wimborne

Aww never mind, thanks for trying.


Great to hear you're enjoying it but like all have said, would just try to be patient with the program, and make sure you have those rest days and follow the segments. I've been there with that feeling, it's awesome but it's not worth setting yourself back for. May feel fine, but it can have a knock on effect & catch up to you and you may struggle with runs later that really you are capable of doing. I just reached a point in the program where I felt I may have been overdoing it on my days off and have had to dial it down a bit, my run today was back where I feel it should have been, so defo true & good advice from what people are advising. Best of luck!

You could try doing the Strength and Flex podcasts on your rest days. They are a good way of building up other muscles including core while a sousing impact and allowing your running muscles to repair.

It’s good that you’re finding the running therapeutic though. It’s definitely helped a lot of us in that way.

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