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Fell of the horse and W5R3 in a morning!

Fell of the horse and W5R3 in a morning!

Well I was dreading today because it was the day of reckoning W5R3.

But what I didn't expect was to fall (Well actually projected) of Murph my 18 hands Cleveland Bay x TB hunter. Had just taken off down a rough track with a stream in the bottom which he jumped, but then as he galloped around corner he spotted a fallen tree. All I remember was thinking he not going to like that! and then I found myself headfirst in a bank of brambles Ouch!

Well after that I thought oh todays not the day to do the run, but after about an hour the pain had mostly gone and I finished removing the thorns I thought let do this I cant wimp out now!

So here Iam with a huge smile from ear to ear. I dont think I have ever ran for 20 minutes in my entire life.

Just to give you guys some motivation I'm not the lightest person coming in 171/2 stone and also on lots of nasty drugs since having a stent.

If I can do this then anyone can.

This run is as Laura says it all in the mind.

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Wow well done how fantastic after being thrown from the horse too. I did that run this morning too and know just how happy you now feel.

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Well done! Glad you are now thornless and not in too much pain. Murph is a handsome boy.


Really pleased for you! It is a big run, that W5R3! :)


well done.glad you got all those thorns


Wow well done! Hope you're ok :)


Wow ! 18hands is a long way to fall.

Well done for picking yourself up and running.

It`s a great feeling, I make myself remember Week 1 Race 1 to remind myself how far I`ve come.

I did the 20min run last week and am about to do W6 R3 on Sunday.

Hope Murph has got over the shock of dad flying through the air. :-)

He looks lovely: I do like a dark bay with a white star :-)


What a beautiful horse, I used to ride but not any more. Had a nasty fall once and when my daughter insisted on learning I had a lesson about 2 years ago. I was really looking forward to getting back in the saddle, but when I got on I thought what on earth am I doing. I did walk trot and canter proved my point that I could still do it and then got off. Running is my thing now. Congratulations on passing the week 5 mental hurdle, I faltered here too but really glad I got over it.

Take care on both activities.


Omg he's lovely! My last ride involved a fall from my 14.3hh welsh sec d mare and that felt far enough down to me!

Congratulations on your 20min run. I haven't got my badge but I graduated the week before last and have found the my new fitness has really improved my riding, as well as making me more confident in myself...hense my fall as I was pushing boundaries.


Thank you all very much for kind words and encouragement.

Not sure if Ill pass on the comments to Murphy because he already knows he the most beautiful boy around and I dont want to boost his ego any more because he can be a little bit of a moody stroppy sod at times.

But all in all he is an amazing horse. The adrenalin when he takes off is absolutely amazing, you get tunnel vision as he gets into his stride.

Not bad for a horse who was put out to grass at age five and deem un-ridable!


WOW well done ... Beautiful horse ... best admired from the ground as far as Im concerned. Ridden 10 times and fallen off seven times. Thats enough for me. Week 5 starts tomorrow for me.


he is a beauty - wow! I have also fallen off horses in my youth ive fractured my spine and broken ribs! not nice - but never fallen that far - mine were all ponies!! Well done on your run!!


Wow - well done you! Im about to start W5 so i hope to do as well as you (But without the 🐎 bit!)


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