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Stepping stine


I tried Laura’s podcast tonight ‘stepping stone’. Blimey it nearly killed me and I only managed to do it for 15mins 😂😂 way to fast for me. Back to my usual plodding. I graduated a while ago but probably run 5km every fourth run . I get sore ankles which I hoped would improve with my new trainers and although it’s slightly improved I still struggle to run longer than 40mins before I have to stop. Maybe some of us were only designed to do little slow runs to maintain fitness.

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Stepping Stones is a discipline in itself... all the C25K+ podcasts are..they are challenging but very useful and great fun....vary your runs, and your routes, now you have graduated... some short.. some 5K and some, see where you get to, runs...but..keep it slow and steady and need to push. Just run and enjoy!



I graduated at the end of May, so from there I do around 3 runs per week, sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes 20 but a bit faster. I have found this works for me, is enjoyable, keeps me fit and isn't a chore. I hope you find your happy place.

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