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Snapping feeling in my hamstring.

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I finally managed to do wk5r3 on Wednesday last week and I felt so good. Next day my hamstrings felt tight so I kept stretching then when I could but it didn't seem to go. Saturday I ran wk6r1, which I found really easy. No pain in the hamstrings so I thought all was good. Today, Monday, I get up and almost fall down as this pain shot through my hamstring. It was like an elastic band snapping in my leg. It was painful to walk on for a while but then it went. Then, at random moments it does it again. It's so painful I cry out then walk like I've broke my leg.

Anyone else had this? What should I do? I'm sure to walk 5k on Sunday for pilgrims hospice with some friends.

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I’d consult a medic as soon as possible. If there’s any damage you need to know so you don’t inadvertently do anything to make it worse, and if it’s just some kind of cramp then you’ll be able to stop worrying. Hope it’s all sorted soon x

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Certainly needs looking at. Hope all is well and you’re able to do your walk.

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Look at for basic first aid.

If it persists, get checked by GP or physio.

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