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Too cold on Saturday - boiling hot today!


So I went out at lunchtime dressed in a vest plus running jacket because it is obviously so cold today.... Turns out it’s just my house which is freezing and actually it’s a gorgeous hot day outside so I turned back around straight and put my long sleeve top on instead. Even that was a mistake as it was boiling out there today

I am totally not complaining though given from tomorrow it’s meant to be grim and wet.

Oh and I have topped a Strava segment! Very exciting - even if it is one that only a handful of people have ever run, I’m taking that


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Nice 🏃run for you today southlundon, even up here in Scotland its warm and sunny🌞 after some places had as much as 7 inches of rain☔ over the last three days.

I have been 🏃 quite a bit recently, last Saturday I ran my first full 5k. Today I ran the second, the times were 34.21 and 33.40 respectively. 😊🏃

southlundonGraduate in reply to AlMorr

I’m sitting in the sun making the most of it 😎 You should plot those times on a chart - I bet you’ll hit 30 mins in no time!

AlMorrGraduate in reply to southlundon

Not sure about that southlundon, I have taken note of all those "milestone runs" such as W5R3, 😊 🏃W9R3 and those first two full 5k runs from last Saturday and this morning. I do emphasise that I got into running not aiming to run a half or full marathon sometime in the future but just as a continuation of my fitness regime for older people. My weight is normal for my age, BMI about 23 or 22.9, I am 72 and quite happy with my running as I am with the other exercises I do such as pressups, situps, now I do some yoga and plank exercises after my daughter gave me a yoga mat. I bought a pair of 5 kilogram kettle bells about 8 months before I started C25K and I do swinging exercises with them. So generally speaking I am fairly satisfied with my exercise and fitness standards, I do think this healthunlocked C25K site is one of the best and friendliest sites on the whole Internet. ❤️😊🏃

southlundonGraduate in reply to AlMorr

I know what you mean - I'm happy with my 30min runs at the moment as I'm able to squeeze those in (when I'm not scared of the cold!). I want to get to 5km but after that I'm not sure I have the inclination to go for 10km or a half marathon. We will see.

Your fitness levels sound fantastic for 72! Put the rest of us to shame :D


Well done running Queen!! 👑 Love it!! Today was really nice indeed! But as you say, pretty hot! I had a nice bit of rain for my little run in the dark this evening!! Perfect!! Congratulations on the crown!! 😍❤️

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